Universal Phone Call Recorder Adapter 3.0 (For PC)Black Intelligent Recording Voice Recorders Universal Adapter 3.0


Product Description

Intelligent Recording: Universal Phone Call Recorder Adapter 3.0 (For PC). OfficeInStock’s best deals on PBX Phones & Systems Telephones & Accessories by Intelligent Recording.
Color: Black.
– Unique line and handset (curly cord) connectivity allows you to get the best of both worlds i.e. digits dialed and accurate start/stop from the line as well as a balanced signal mix (local and remote end) from the handset connection- Universal Adapter 3.0 can also connect to any IP digital or analog business telephone at the curly cord handset – Digital 01 is recommended for compatible PBX’s- A full USB Plug n’ Play recorder that does not tie up the sound card on your PC- No complex setup procedures are requiredIRXTRUA3

A full USB Plug n’ Play Phone Call Recorder Device that does not tie up the sound card on your PC.
No complex setup procedures are required.
Comes complete with sophisticated XtR Desktop Phone Recording System software and all cables provided.
Incorporates Line Current Detect for reliable start/stop of call recording or Voice Activated Recording.
Detects DTMF digits for dialed number detection.
Two flexible inputs for separate local/remote level adjustments
Handset (curly cord) and line mode connection.
Wide gain and boost settings to accommodate any telephone.
Parallel extension recording for Phone Call Recording on any phone connected to the same line.
XtR Desktop comes as standard with Digital 01 Digital Telephone Recorder and Universal Adapter
After-Call Screen Pop – manage archive in real time
Automatic or manual Analog Phone Recording
GSM compression gives 170 hours of Digital Phone Recording per GByte
Time & date stamp on every recording
Recording level indicator
Add comments/notes to assist searching
Snapshot feature allows playback of current call while still recording
Highlight important calls.
Search & list calls by: Time & date, Duration, Dialed digits, Comments/notes made, Importance
Email recordings to colleagues (as .wav file or compressed file)