Post-it Message Flags, “Sign Here”, Assorted Colors, 1/2-Inch Wide, 30/Dispenser, 4-Dispensers/PackBlue, Green, Red, Yellow 3M Label Makers 684-SH


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3M: Post-it Message Flags, “Sign Here”, Assorted Colors, 1/2-Inch Wide, 30/Dispenser, 4-Dispensers/Pack. OfficeInStock’s best deals on Tape Flag Dispensers Desk Supplies Holders & Dispensers by 3M.
Color: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.
Post-it Message Flags, Sign Here, Assorted Colors Post-it Flags: Post-it Flags stick securely, remove cleanly without damaging the documents and come in a wide verity of colors. At the Office: Post-it Flags help you plan, prioritize and personalize at work. Eliminate confusion when signatures are required, or you need to differentiate areas to be reviewed from areas where you are requesting feedback or comments. Post-it Flags can also be used track and maintaining person and team calendars, color code by person or project, and manage urgent and day-to-day tasks. In the Classroom: Post-it Flags can help you find important information fast and color code your studies. Planning a research paper? Or noting a particularly helpful tidbit? Post-it Flags help you find what you want, exactly when you need it. Plus, our fun colors help you flaunt your style so others can learn a thing or two. ½ inch Flags The smaller 1/2 in wide Flags are great to color code papers. They come in an assortment of colored. Use them to to mark, tab, highlight and color-code your work, so you can quickly and easily go back and retrieve information. Portable Flags With the pop-up dispenser, retrieving and placing the flags is quick and easy. With the Post-it Flags in Portable Dispenser you won’t have to worry about damaging or harming your documents.

Post-it(R) Printed Message Flags make it simple to request action. Ideal for marking documents without writing on them
Each flag sticks securely, repositions easily and removes cleanly
Bold arrow points precisely where you need a document signed
the preprinted “Sign Here” message designates the action needed
Small flags dispense one at a time