Lee Inkless FingerPrint Pad (S03027)Black Lee Products Co. Label Makers 03027

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Product Description

Lee Products Co.: Lee Inkless FingerPrint Pad (S03027). OfficeInStock’s best deals on Finger Pads Finger Pads & Moisteners by Lee Products Co..
Color: Black.
The Lee Inkless FingerPrint Pad reliably delivers up to 1,000 impressions per pad. The specially formulated pad is inkless and won’t dry out, even if lids are left open. The pad delivers a clear, crisp imprint that never smears and dries instantly on any type of paper. The product is non-toxic and will not stain skin or clothes, making your fingerprinting tasks simple, clear and mess-free. Includes 1 rectangular fingerprint pad that can be used for more than 1,000 fingerprints.

Produces over 1,000 crisp imprints
Specially formulated to not dry out
Inkless formula leaves fingers unmarked
Nontoxic, non messy formula
Used in banks, schools, offices, for legal documents and more