100 1 7.25×12 KRAFT BUBBLE MAILERS PADDED ENVELOPES 1Ecolite Kraft Paper


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Ecolite: 100 #1 7.25×12 KRAFT BUBBLE MAILERS PADDED ENVELOPES #1. OfficeInStock’s best deals on Envelope Mailers Mailers by Ecolite.
100 – #1- 7.25″ x 12″
(7.25″ x 11.25″ usable space)
Padded Bubble Mailers
Self – Sealing Bubble Mailers
Our bubble mailers are laminated to a 55 lb Kraft paper and
have bubble that runs all the way to the flap. Most of the
competition uses a 46 lb paper and stops the bubble an inch
or so short of the flap.

Manufactured from 100% recycled golden kraft with a minimum of 25% recycled polyethylene bubble
Self Seal envelopes
3-sided protection-1/2″ fins on 3 sides of bag help absorb shock during transit
Fully laminated kraft/bubble-Stronger construction provides rugged durability
High slip lining-Allows easier product insertion and extraction of product