Mod Podge CS11202 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Gloss FinishGloss MOD PODGE White Glue CS11202


Product Description

MOD PODGE: Mod Podge CS11202 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Gloss Finish. OfficeInStock’s best deals on Home & Kitchen Features Home & Kitchen by MOD PODGE.
Color: Gloss.
Gloss Finish Modge Podge in a 16 ounce plastic bottle. Mod Podge dries clear in approximately 15-20 minutes and can be sanded to a smooth finish. Apply with brush or sponge applicator. Close container after each use. Clean up with water while wet. Once dry, Mod Podge cannot be removed. Use as a puzzle saver, a sealer glue, a quick finish, a textured finish,or a build-up finish.” Non-toxic. Uses:  as a glue for paper, fabric, and other porous materials as a sealer for wood, paper, and prints as a finish for printed material, decoupage, and fabric. Also functions as a painting medium for water-based paint. The water-based sealer, glue, and finish for all surfaces!  Non-toxic non-flammable Conforms to ASTM D 4236 Store at room temperature. Contents:  One 16 oz. plastic bottle of GLOSS

Quick-drying for multiple coat build up
Dries clear, cleans up easily with soap and water
Certified AP non-toxic, water base
All-in-one glue, sealer, and gloss finish
The original formula, all-in-one glue sealer and finish, can be used to decoupage on nearly any surface