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Nuance: Dictaphone Nuance PowerMic II Speech Recognition Hand Microphone with Cradle. OfficeInStock’s best deals on Office Electronics Categories by Nuance.
Overview: A Speech Recognition Hand-held Microphone for Use with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2. Works as well for the previous version Dragon Medical Practice Edition, PowerScribe for Radiology, and Enterprise Express. The Nuance PowerMic II is the preferred sound input device for speech recognition software programs, like Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1 and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. The tethered USB microphone is specially designed to help with physician and clinician transcription; offering simplified thumb-controlled operation for dictations. Users in medical practices are able to dictate, navigate, review, and edit voice recognition generated documents while saving time from having to move between the microphone, mouse, and keyboard. Features: USB connection for easy plug-and-play installation. 9 ft. professional grade cable for extended dictation independence within office. 10 programmable buttons for full dictation control. Unique “Track-Point” button and left/right “mouse” button. Low-noise, high-quality microphone. Fully integrated interface for Nuance speech recognition software. Rapidly navigating through report template fields using your own voice enables greater dictation speed. The raw speed of dictating with your own voice saves significant time from having to type clinical documentation. Users of the PowerMic II microphone also gain benefit from its flush, angled microphone element which is essential for noise-canceling voice recognition and optimal recording results. The design of Nuance’s PowerMic II is ergonomic to best fit a physician or clinician’s natural hand movements for comfortable use when verbally dictating patient notes and assessments. It’s a professional microphone for users who are looking to achieve the greatest results from their speech-to-text transcriptions. Package includes: &nbs

Flush, angled microphone element for user comfort and optimal recording level/signal
Transcribe Button to recognize speech or send dictation to a transcriptionist automatically, when physician self-completion is not utilized
Tab-Forward/Tab-Backwards for speeding navigation through voice-driven templates and form fill-ins
Primary Dictation Controls – Record, Rewind, Play, Fast Foward, Enter/Select
Track-Point Button and Left/Right Mouse Button to control the onscreen cursor, navigate and select functions